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The Biggest Emotional Needs Seniors Face

It’s not unusual for aging adults to find it more complicated to meet their own emotional needs than it used to be. Companion care at home can make this job a lot easier.
Companion Care at Home in Marietta GA
Companion Care at Home in Marietta GA

Aging is full of different physical, emotional, and social challenges that can be difficult to manage without some extra help. There are usually lots of solutions in place for physical and health challenges, but sometimes the emotional and social challenges are overlooked. Companion care at home can make a huge difference in meeting some of these needs on an ongoing basis. It’s important to understand what these emotional needs are.

Companionship and Connection

Seniors can become socially isolated for so many different reasons. Health issues, anxiety, living far away from family members and friends, and so much more can all contribute. Addressing the underlying causes can help aging adults to get the connection and companionship that they truly need. When seniors are self-isolating, they are more likely to experience deeper emotional issues, including depression.

Preserving Independence

Autonomy and desiring independence is a huge emotional need for seniors. There are lots of ways that this need is misunderstood, possibly even considered to be stubbornness rather than a genuine emotional need. Getting help from home care providers can allow seniors to have assistance when needed but continue to do what they still can as well. This helps them to remain autonomous and can give them a necessary boost.

Navigating Loss and Grief

As seniors grow older, they experience more loss and grief every year. They may lose family members, friends, and even physical abilities or health. These are very real losses that have significant emotional impacts. When families prioritize support for navigating loss and grief, that allows seniors to acknowledge their feelings and move forward.

Feeling Safe

Feeling safe is a fundamental need that everyone shares. For aging adults, that feeling of safety can be even more crucial. As their health changes, seniors start to realize that there are more and more situations every day that make them feel a little more vulnerable and a little less safe. Elder care services can help seniors to feel safer in their own homes, allowing them to age in place and to regain their feeling of safety at home.

Coping with Transitions

Life is about change, but for older adults the changes they’re experiencing are often big and include emotional challenges that are significant. The more support that seniors have when they’re navigating these transitions, the easier it is likely to be for them to be successful. Having someone to talk to, whether those conversations are with a support group, a counselor, or companion care at home, can make coping with these transitions so much easier for aging adults.

There are so many ways that aging adults need more support as they grow older and age in place. Understanding and addressing the emotional needs of seniors as much as possible is crucial in order to ensure that they have what they need in order to live the lives they want to live. Companion care at home can be a huge help for busy family caregivers as they try to meet all of these needs and others.

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