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When is it the Right Time to Seek Home Care Assistance?

Knowing when it’s a good idea to seek out home care assistance is important information for family caregivers and seniors alike.
Home Care Assistance in Carrollton GA

Deciding when to seek home care assistance is a big consideration. It can also be emotionally charged for many aging adults. That often means that family caregivers bring up the idea and meet a lot of resistance from the seniors they love. Some of the tips below can help families determine when it’s time to get more help.

Changes in Physical Health

Often seniors experience changes in their physical health that affect their ability to keep up with activities of daily living. When that happens, seniors need to genuinely consider accepting additional help. Unexplained weight changes, fatigue, and mobility changes are key indications of some of these changes.

Memory Loss and Cognitive Decline

Changes in cognition, including memory loss, can make it difficult for seniors to live the lives they want. Signs of forgetfulness, confusion, or disorientation can be an indication that help from senior care services is warranted.

Increased Dependency on Family

Friends and family members often want to help out aging adults whenever possible. But when that help is needed more and more often, that can be a sign that there is more going on. Family caregivers may not be able to ramp up their assistance as quickly as they want to, meaning it’s wise to lean on the help of home care assistance services.

Loneliness and Isolation

Sometimes home care assistance isn’t as much about hands-on help that seniors need as it is about the emotional needs they have. Seniors who don’t have the ability to spend as much time around other people as they need and want can benefit from having caregivers there with them. They have someone to talk to and spend time with while they do other things as well.

Home Safety Becomes More of a Concern

If seniors have fallen or experienced one or more accidents, it might be a good idea for them to have home care assistance providers there with them. Professional caregivers have a lot of experience helping seniors to minimize the risk of experiencing an accident. They can also recommend modifications that can keep seniors safer.

Chronic Health Conditions are Worsening

When chronic health issues get worse, that can be a sign that seniors need more help. This is especially true with conditions that need lifestyle modifications in order to remain manageable. Home care assistance can make it easier for seniors to make those lifestyle modifications and stay on top of their health.

Personal Hygiene and Other Issues are a Concern

If seniors are displaying changes in their personal hygiene habits, this can be a clue that they’re having difficulty in other areas. Changes such as increased body odor, neglected personal grooming, and wearing dirty clothing are big ones that need to be addressed. Elder care can help with these.

It’s a deeply personal decision to determine that it’s time for home care assistance. In some cases, seniors may admit readily that they do need more help. In other cases, it can take more time to get to that same point. Regardless, home care assistance can be there to support aging adults with their goals as they age in place safely.

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