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What Is 24-Hour Home Care?

If you can’t move in with your senior parent, which many adult children can’t do, 24-hour home care is a good alternative.
24-hour Home Care in Douglasville GA

24-hour home care is a type of care that is available for seniors who want to continue living in their own homes but need extra support. Seniors who have health problems, or who have mobility challenges that make it tough for them to take care of themselves may need to have a care provider with them around the clock.

If you can’t move in with your senior parent, which many adult children can’t do, 24-hour home care is a good alternative. Typically, the day will be divided into three shifts, with caregivers covering those shifts to make sure that your senior parent is never alone.

A home care agency that offers 24-hour home care will also have backup staffing, so if for some reason one of your senior parent’s caregivers can’t be there on a particular day, they will make sure another caregiver is with your senior parent during that time.

You will have the peace of mind of knowing that someone is always there taking care of your senior parent when you can’t be there because of work, school, children, or other obligations. But peace of mind isn’t the only benefit of 24-hour home care. Some other benefits are:

Safety and Security

Safety is a big concern for seniors living alone and for their families. When your senior parent has a care provider with them around the clock they will have help in emergency situations like a break-in, a fire, a storm, or a medical equipment failure. You can rest easy knowing your senior parent is alone if there is some type of emergency situation.

Medication Reminders

Has your senior parent forgotten to take their medications before? It’s very common for seniors to forget their medications, especially at night. Your senior parent may also be more likely to fall after taking their nighttime medications because those medications can make them drowsy or dizzy. But, with a caregiver in the house overnight your senior parent will have someone to remind them to take their medications and make sure they get safely to bed.

Meals and Snacks

Seniors often subsist on snacks, packaged foods, and microwaved foods because cooking is hard for them. Cooking can also be dangerous for seniors that can’t easily handle utensils, or who get dizzy easily. With around-the-clock care, your senior parent will have someone in the home who can make them a healthy meal or snack whenever they want one. A caregiver will also encourage your senior parent to drink water, tea, juice, and other beverages to stay hydrated.


Evenings can be very lonely for seniors, especially for seniors who have lost a spouse. The evening is when many couples reconnect after a busy day by watching TV, talking, or doing activities like playing board games. If your senior parent has lost their spouse, they may be very lonely during the evening and at night. Having a caregiver in the home at night makes evenings fun again for seniors. They will have someone to talk with, hang out with, play games with, or watch TV with.

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