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Caring for Your Aging Veteran Father: Aid and Attendance Can Make it Easier

Veterans home care is a vital home care service. Many veterans may qualify for aid to help financially provide for these services.
Veterans Home Care in Carrollton GA

Rachel had always loved her father, Tim. They had a great relationship growing up. Of course, they had their ups and downs and difficulties during her teenage years, but he was always there for her.

She knew he was a veteran. He didn’t talk much about his service. After years of trying to learn more about what he went through in Vietnam, with his reluctance to even bring up the topic or engage in discussion about it, she had let it go.

He was a strong, independent man who leaned on and doted on his wife, Rachel’s mother, for more than 45 years before she passed. In the years since he was widowed, Rachel noticed he had become more withdrawn. She realized just how much they loved each other and how much he missed her.

Rachel always wanted to stay close to her father.

She didn’t live more than a couple hours away from him at any time in her life, whether it was at college, her first years out on her own after work, or even recently.

After her mother passed, Rachel moved closer to him. She wanted to be able to stop in and help him however she could. At first, it was more about sorrow than physical need. As time marched on, though, she noticed his abilities declining.

She did the best she could for him, but with her obligations, career, and financial challenges, she couldn’t imagine helping to pay for in-home care.

Then, one afternoon while talking to a coworker, she was informed about a pension the VA did offer certain qualifying veterans. She didn’t think much about it at first, assuming her father wouldn’t qualify, but as she started to look into it, she learned a lot about the Aid and Attendance benefit.

It is a pension for wartime veterans.

She knew her father served in Vietnam. She knew he was in the country, fighting on the front lines. She knew those days of service had taken a toll on him both physically and emotionally. Would that be enough for him to qualify for some type of financial support to pay for Veterans home care?

The more she looked into it, the more she began to realize that yes, her father might just qualify. He was a simple man who didn’t spend a lot, and with a factory job he had worked almost 40 years and then lost just before he turned 65, his pension was limited.

He was dependent on Social Security, and was a renter, but was able to just get by. Rachel learned that to qualify for Aid and Attendance benefits, the veteran will need to have served at least 90 days of active duty service, with a minimum of one of those days falling during a time of official combat. He served more than four years during the Vietnam War.

The veteran also needed a doctor’s recommendation for Veterans home care to qualify. If that veteran was under 65, he would have needed to be considered completely disabled. She encouraged him to visit his doctor to get the recommendation, which he did.

When he was approved, they worked together to find an in-home care agency close by, and getting those few hours a day made a world of difference for both of them.

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